New Film by Claudia Nye about Three Hagges Jubilee Wood Out Now!

Claudia has made a lovely piece of film about how we sowed the meadow and filled it with trees with the help of of our Volunteers. You can view it in the Events page.

What People are Saying about Three Hagges Jubilee Wood

People are starting to say good things …..

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We received a David Bellamy Conservation Award of Special Distinction, and here is the team who made it happen.

Photo: Mike Cowling

Photo: Mike Cowling


‘although the site is entirely new, and so will not have any intrinsic or established conservation significance such as Local Wildlife Site, SSSI or other status, it nevertheless will contribute to a richer landscape for wildlife in the future, and will therefore help to implement our local, regional and national ambitions. It seems to me that the Hagge Woods Trust is already in a good position to be able to progress the project in collaboration with the community and expert advisers and in so doing will directly contribute to conservation and to the greater understanding of woodlands and woodland creation techniques. (23.4.13) …

Great to see continued progress!’

Jeff Lunn, Area Manager, Natural England (11.12.13)


‘absolutely wonderful…The Three Hagges Jubilee Wood is a most remarkable project.  Thanks for sharing.’
Nigel Winser, Executive Vice President, Earthwatch Institute (23.9.13)


‘three hagges woodland and wild flower meadow is an inspirational and innovative project, creating a substantial ecological asset with real community involvement and providing an educational and research resource into the future.’

Ann Hanson,  Yorkshire Farming and Wildlife Partnership (27.11.13)


‘what an inspiring and very positive project!!  How stimulating it will be to plant a new woodland for future generations of wildlife as well as people.  Your design principles and species choice are to be commended!’

Hugo Straker,  Adviser, Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust (10.12.13)


‘the wood is terrific.  You’re clearly having great fun and doing remarkable things.  Wouldn’t it be fantastic if there was a network of such Hagges Woods across the whole country?  Perhaps you can inspire others!’

Andrew Franklin, Managing Director of Profile Books (13.12.13)

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